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Reed Sutliff 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 10

When you click on a book, it brings up a book and has the "Download" and "Read" options.

Two issues here, the rating is empty and I cant seem to change it (i would like to get rid of it, but not having it be empty would be nice, any tips on some custom css), but also it says "null" and the bottom and when i inspect it, the id is "details_description"... I would also rather do without this, but I can't seem to figure out what part of a file to edit to feed this element data

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In the default and modern themes, a rating of 0 (which is the default value) results in the display of a transparent image (so you don't see anything, although some space is taken by the image).

Is this that empty space that you want to hide ?

As for the "null" description, did you scan some books of your collection along time ago ? (I mean at least 6 months ago)

I'm asking because there was a bug in an earlier version of Ubooquity causing this behavior.

Just updating is not enough though, you'll have to clear your ebook database (there is a button for that in the book settings) and scan everything again.

I have successfully installed the latest version (Version 1.10.1 built on 2016-05-10 at 20:36) of Ubooquity on a Synology NAS with Java 8 1.8.0_102 using 1024m of Memory (which seems to be enough)

All my comics are PDFs (generated by o script from CBR/CBZ files) with currently no properties/metadata defined in each PDF.

On each book I am seeing the 'null' text displayed as the description for each comic.

Which PDF metadata/property should I fill-in with text --- when generating each PDF --- to remove these 'null' values displayed by Ubooquity ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Older versions of Ubooquity (I don't remember which ones exactly) used to put "null" in the description when no metadata was found. This bug has been fixed some versions ago, but it doesn't fix book entries created with the buggy version.

So if you scanned your files with an old version, you'll have to clear your database (the "Clear comics database" button) and scan your comics again.

If your comics were scanned and added with the latest version, then it's a new problem and I'll need you to send me an example of PDF file that does not work (a single page PDF is enough, since you can generate them).

My address: tom 'at' vaemendis 'dot' net

Just sent you a 1-page sample PDF "v01 # ALB 001 (2011) (Physic).pdf" to the e-mail address you gave me for you to troubleshoot.

It has been generated by imgpdf v0.1.6 (Python script Johannes 'josch' Schauer) without any PDF properties defined during PDF generation

This PDF was scanned by the latest version of Ubooquity (1.10.1 built on 2016-05-10 at 20:36)

Let me know your findings : Maybe it is normal because no properties were defined and if it this because of that let me know which PDF property I should define when generating the PDF


I received your file and reproduced the bug.

It'll be fixed in the next version of Ubooquity.

But like I said, when the new version is out, you'll have to rescan all your files for "null" description to be removed.

Thanks Tom for confirming this and for planning it to be fixed. I also reproduced the but myself : when the PDF property "description" is empty, the current version of ubooquity is showing "null" instead of not displaying any text as it should do. When the PDF property "description" is containing text, Ubooquity will normally display this text.
About the need to rescan I fully understand, and will do once the new version of ubooquity will be out.
Thanks again for this nice software ...

Hello Tom

I have made some progress and identified 2 interesting bugs around this matter :

- 1) when the PDF "Description" tag (Dublin Core property) contains one or more NewLine (NL) or Carriage Return (CR) characters the content is not imported anymore by Ubooquity. If I remove the NL/CR characters the content is imported by ubooquity after a rescan

- 2) With the PDF format, he PDF tag "Author" can also be filled by multiple comma separated values. When this happen each single value is stored in the PDF metadata as a distinct "creator" (Dublin Core property). When I make a PDF with such multiple comma separated values in the "Author" tag, the content is not anymore imported by Ubooquity. If I rewrite the "Author" tag without storing the data in multi-valued state the content is visible in ubooquity after a rescan.

Can I send you 2 sample PDF files (one for each bug) so that you can reproduce these issues ?

Sure, send them. :)

But give me a couple of week to look at them, I'm really short on free time these days.

as far as my original bug goes, it probably is just malformed metadata, so i just figured out the CSS to hide the annoying sections altogether, as they are features i do no care about for my usecase