Folder Cover Art

Paul Arneson 6 years ago updated by Bobby Hill 2 months ago 6
I have noticed that when scanning in my Comic Book folder structure, Ubooquity seems to choose the last item in a folder to display as the cover art for the top level folder. Sometimes this leads to the picture of a cover folder not being indicative of the comic series. I would like the ability to change what item is used for a folders cover art.
Under review
For folder covers, Ubooquity is supposed to take the cover of the first comic book found in the folder or one of its subfolders.
Files and folders are sorted by path. But there is a bug in the current version (that I identified thanks to your message) which makes Ubooquity use the last folder instead of the first.
It is now fixed and will be part of thenext version.
I have no plan to add more advanced cover art features though.

Old thread but the way I tackled this. Get your jpg for the magazine group you want. Convert this to pdf, I use an online pdf converter takes seconds. Then save as _Folder.pdf <-- the underscore should in most cases ensure it's the first image selected

You can place a .jpg in the folder and name it "folder.jpg" and that image will be shown as the "cover" for that folder. It will override the server's cover picking routine. This way you can choose exactly what image or cover you want to represent that folder.

For instance, here's what mine looks like (I set them up back when my Ubooquity had a black background - they don't look as good with the white background, but I never got around to fixing them.)

Holy Necro, Batman!

But what you've done is really pretty. I like it.