unread flag

Matthieu 7 years ago updated by Anvi 3 years ago 5

Thanks to Ubooquity ;-) my library becomes bigger and bigger, and therefore I get used to lost if I read one or another comic.

Could their be a flag added in the db, associated to each item, to say if you read it or still have to?
This would have to be per ubooquity user.

I'm expecting such feature to be not only appreciated by me in the community :-)

PS: a "tag as read/unread" feature, for an item or folder, would have also to be added, to close the loop.

Let us know! :-)
Under review
Already on the todo list.
As usual, no promise on the delivery date though. ;)

Hey Tom, I was just curious how this is coming along?

In progress. ETA: 2019.

Would it be feasible to also implement several read status filters to manage displayed content?

With a big library it's painful to browse with everything in sight.

Comicrack filters: