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nxmehta 8 years ago updated by Steven Strauss 6 years ago 22
It would be great if we could actually read epub files inside of Ubooquity instead of just being able to download them.

There is a nice, open source library for viewing epub files in a browser: https://github.com/futurepress/epub.js/

Perhaps that could be integrated into Ubooquity?
Under review
I had already explored the possibilty to add an epub reader in Ubooquity, but at the time none of the libraries I had tried (Monocle and Readk.it were working correctly).
I did not know epub.js. I'll test it and consider using it in the future. Thanks for the info !
Epub reading in Ubooquity would be classy.
yes this would be tremendous!! the comic books are working amazing so far - i love this very much! THEN epub books too?? that would be just amazing!
Look forward to ebook reader being implemented. Love the work so far with the comic reader. Saves having them all downloaded on my phone, tablet and pc. Thanks
I agree. This would be awesome. I haven't bothered moving many ebooks over to ubooquity yet. I've just been using calibre or google books for those things. I'd love to have them in ubooquity too along with my massive comic collection.

this is the one feature that i feel is missing.. i don't suppose there is an ETA on this feature is there?


There is: 2016 ! ;)

I am currently working on it. Though the principle is easy (epub files

are just zipped HTML files after all), there are a lot of tricky details

to take care of to have a usable reader. So I don't know exactly when

it will be done.


That's awesome! I'm glad to hear it's coming and can't wait. Also, happy to see you back in action, hope all is well. Thanks again for all your hard work and efforts - i love this software!


Wut !?! Omg I hope I'm reading this right? Can't wait to get home and check this out! Thanks for all the hard work on this project and ubooquity in general. I don't think there is anything really quite like ubooquity out there now... Your like the plex of the book world! Thank you again!

Why doesnt it page correctly.The entire chapter it thinks is a page.

Because epub files contain HTML file, each HTML file being a chapter.

So you get one page per chapter.

That's the most logical way of displaying HTML content in a browser anyway.

Then how do other readers paginate the information (i.e. Sumatra) It knows how to page correctly. There must be a way to make it nice to read in a browser.

I did not say it was not possible, just that a paginated view was not necessarily better (most websites don't paginate their content).

In fact, pagination is much easier to implement in a native (dekstop or mobile) application than in a web application.

But like I said, pages are just a habit inherited from physical books (although it is still necessary on low refresh rate devices like ebook readers).

is there anything that can be updated to Ubooquity, It is great with comics.

I don't understand your question.

I mean can Ubooquity be updated so that it has an option to page the epub correctly, i.e X amount of lines per page?"

When I wrote the epub reader, out of curiosity I took a look at ways to implement pagination.

It's complex and not worth the time it would require given that I already have a lot of other features to implement.

So I don't have plans to do it.

Perhaps someday, but definitely not soon.

Well do please keep it on the enhancement list. By the way a fantastic reader otherwise for comics.