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Custom Reading List - Feature request

James Williams 7 years ago updated by Brandon Vanover 2 months ago 7
Firstly i just want to say how amazing Ubooquity is! It's SO amazing that when combining it with Mylar and an always on Apache Server i have no need for any other comic reader app on my tablet and my new issues are there waiting for me to read without having to do any syncing or transferring.

One thing that i think would be great, without knowing how easy it would be to implement, would be to have the ability to add series to a "reading list". This would be a great help for someone like my self who has upwards of 7000 comics and it would help keep track of the series I'm currently reading plus start reading any back issues/series without have to keep going through everything to come back to the series.

Just a though, not really a must have feature, more a nice idea.

Under review
You mean like musical playlists ?

Something I plan to add is a read/unread flag on each comic (probably with some kind of filtering).
I'd like to chime in to agree. That would be phenomenal. It's an incredible pain in the butt having to track down all of the disparate issues yourself to these huge crossover events

ComicRack scrapes "Story Arc" already into Alternate Series or Story Arc (or you can do it yourself), and it would be great to be able to click on "Blackest Night" and get all of the comics pulled from that field. Preferably sorted by Publication Date, but that might be too much. (There's no way that you could know that the recommended order for Blackest Night is: Green Lantern 43, Tales of the Corps 1-3, Blackest Night 0-1, Green Lantern Corps 39, etc, but Publication order would get it close)

I only set up a Ubooquity server last night (but I'm loving it so far!), so haven't looked into how your saving the metadata that you read... or for that matter what Metadata you even pull. But it would be nice to have options like:

Recent Comics
Special Views:
-> View by Story Arc
-> View by Character (also in comicinfo.xml if scraped by ComicVine)
-> View by Writer
... etc.

But that's just because I love playing with Metadata. :-)

But it's probably a bit of a stretch in general since I don't think you're connecting to a MySQL server or anything as a backend.
Yeah like a playlist, but being able to add an "Album(series)" as one entry next to a single issue instead of just showing the list as just individual issues.

Also the read/unread flag would be amazing feature as well.

I also like the ideas Weslocke has made on using the meta data to sort by story arc, character etc...
I'll focus on the read/unread flag for now. ;)

Yes, this would be a nice feature: we could add comics or series to a "reading list" similar to a music playlist; this would allow to remember the advices given by friends

Since ubooquity is designed to be multi-user, it would be nice to be able to create "shared reading list" allowing other users to see/modify a reading list, and "private reading list" that can only be seen/modified by the user

I'd like to place my vote for custom reading lists as well! This is a necessity for comic readers. Importing Comicrack reading lists would be even better.