Online Reading + scrolling mouse interaction

Elouan 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

I'm continuing my list of requests that would make ubooquity nicer.

When online reading we can turn pages using keys only. It would be nice to add new mouse interactions too:

- scroll up/down to turn pages

Under review

The wheel is already used to scroll the page when the image is higher than the screen height.

ah! didn't think of that... that's annoying, I'd like to use the mouse though... I don't know if you can detect mouse with page up/page down buttons ? then you could use those events to turn the page and leave scrolling for scrolling the page


If your mouse buttons act like regular page up/down buttons (I guess they are), yes this will work.

I'm thinking of an other way to achieve the same functionality: when the page fit the screen, then use the scroll wheel to turn pages. It would not interfere with moving the page up and down, and it would answer the request.

In fact, it's probably a better idea than using buttons that are not available on every mouse