Include folder.jpg's in opds feeds

Gauntlet 4 years ago updated by Telecart 4 years ago 3

Would it be possible to include the folder.jpg's in the opds feeds? This way external readers could show the folder images that the user wants.

Link to issue raised for my app:



Added to the backlog.

Don't expect it soon though, the backlog is already quite crowded. ;)

Thanks! Take your time, whenever is okay, for now I'm planning on adding a simple theming solution to solve it in the short term. Considering my projects an order of magnitude simpler I already feel like I've undertaken a Sisyphean task can't imagine your situation. On the other hand I've learnt a lot about good design and bug hunting in the last few weeks I can truly say it's worth it.

not a developer, but couldn't you just assume a folder.jpg file in the same folder as the files?