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nxmehta 6 years ago updated by Jack 2 months ago 20
It would be great if we could sort by filename in addition to Author/Date.  Thanks.
Under review
I'll add it to my todo list.
(this sorting criterion is already available for comics ("Sort by path") but not for ebooks indeed)
For comics with over 100 issues the issues are sorted 1, 10, 100, 11, 12, 13... if sorted by filename (path).

ComicRack metadata includes the issue number. Consider adding a sort by "metadata" or sort by "issue number" sort option. This would quickly sort by the issue number using the example I wrote here (https://ideone.com/cTmciw).

You probably have a big array containing all of the issues to print before generating the html so sorting by the issue number before printing would fix this annoyance. By using the built in Java Arrays method you'd be sorting properly instead of relying on the operating systems' whacky sorting. :)

In fact the operating system is not involved in the sorting (the program is running in the Java virtual machine, so almost everything is OS independant). Everything is done by the internal database (H2).

The filename sort is a lexicographic one (the comparison is done between strings of characters, not numbers), so "100" coming before "11" is the expected result. 
The easiest way to fix your problem (easiest for me at least ;)) would be to name your files using zeros in front of the issue number (it is a good practice anyway).
Luckily there is an application for that: ZenCBR.
Tom, I'm running Zen now. Thanks for the tip!
Is this sorting by file name feature under development? I'd be really helpful to have it for eBooks too.
Yes it's on my todo list, not at the top yet, though.

I know this is old but I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning the ZenCBR app. I was spending hours tidying up my files with a file renaming app. This one is so much easier!

Also, I'd like to add a +1 for the ability to sort ebooks by title. (That's what I was originally looking for).


Is there an update for sort feature(s)? Just curious as I am trying to organize "essential" readings. Some of which are separated into folders, but the folder name is labeled as 0xx and follows in order, but all folders show at the beginning of the page. Would it be possible to sort everything by "name" rather than folders first then individual files?

For example, this is the current order displayed:

1) "Batman 021" - folder

2) "Batman 026" - folder

3) "Batman 001" - file

4) "Batman 002" - file

I am relating this to Batman because the suggested reading order means reading a series of comics I cannot organize with the other single issues without completely renaming them all, which is a lot, over 200 comics would need to have a similar prefix.

Hi Ethan, in case Tom does not include the ability to set file and folder organization soon check out the Library Organizer plugin for ComicRack. You can rename files and folders to almost any pattern you want and it does so automatically.


I can't use the option display setting to try to sort my comics like i want. is it a bug or an option we ll get in the future ?

like Ethan Knack, do you thing it is possible to sort like :

asterix 1..33 - folder

batman 01 --- file

captain america 1..10 - folder

daredevil 5 - file

ultimates 1..15 - folder

thanks for your answer and thanks for this great awesome ubooquity !!!!

I have added the ability to mix files and folders (instead of displaying folders first) to my backlog. I don't know when I'll do it though.

oh thanks .... nice news !!!!!!!!!!


I'm adding my two cents to that discussion, because ubooquity sorting could be improved. I've wrote a report on a closely related issue: Sorting order issue with OPDS feeds

The issue, I find, is that Ubooquity sorting is a mix between path/filename and metadata. For example, it seems it uses the metadata for finding the title of the comic, but it's using the path to the comic file for showing the folder;

This creates confusion sometime, because the folder might not be in direct relation with the file metadata. those are two different things and I think ubooquity should be two different sorting criteria. For example, on my disk, I group my collection in folders, part of my collection is grouped by series (1 folder par serie), other I use the author's name as the folder;

In addition: using fiie's metadata, if we could add sorting by genre and by author, that would be nice.

And finally, and that would be awesome: if we could search a comic by crietrias using metadata: all comics, genre = "aventure" && author = "bourgeon" .

Since I read that ubooquity sorting is done using the database, I'm hopping this shouldn't be too hard to implement: Enven the search feature: it should be a matter of preparing different pre-set queries in the database that present the results in the correct order

The metadata/filename mixup problem is indeed exactly the same as the one you have with OPDS.

I'll fix it at some point. Not in the next release, but probably soon after (I'll group all database related modifications in the same release).

Any update on the file sort by name/path for eBooks?

Just recently installed the server and I like it, but it scrambles my ebook collection. All files have the proper numbering in them, so a simple sorting based on the filename within the directory would be fantastic.


Still planned, still high on the todo list.

But there are a lot of things I want to include in the next version, so I still probably have a few months of work before I release anything.

Still looking forward to this feature.


Hi Tom,

I was wondering if you have any plans for this.

Thank you!

I know that this is a very old thread to bump, but I'm wondering if this is till on the todo list? Given the time I have put in organizing my files by filenames it is a pretty important feature for me. Thanks!