[2.0] add unread tag on overview and on each comic

Madrox 5 years ago updated by Elouan 5 years ago 3

now that we have bookmarks on the serverside it would be great to not only show the number of comics in a folder but also how many of them are unread.

also showing an unread symbol at each comic that hasn't been read would be cool.


Big + 1 for this.


My plan was to include "read/unread" management in the synchronized bookmarks development, but then I realized it would put the release a few months back.

So I cut it for now.

But it's definitely on my list.


Actually, I think it would be nicer to use 3 flags : read/on-going/unread;

And we should have 2 icons for "read(meaning finished)" and "on-going" : those little icons would be an overlay of the comics thumbnail and also on top of the folder.

I don't think we should use a third icon meaning "unread": I have the feeling it would look bad (hiding part of the cover which might not be a good idea for a comics you are discovering, also the "unread" icon would probably have a red color and the whole GUI would look like there is a problem, ...)

Finally, about that feature: we should have a function to reset the read status of a comic (and a folder) to default (which is "unread" of course)