Need sfk flag

goubul 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 9

hi, very nice app, thanks for tour work. 

Ils ont possible to add a kind of "safe for kids" flag to manage authorisation for young reader?

*Is it possible


It might be easier just separating out your comic library into "sfk" and "non-sfk". By adding each folder separately and using the user account filtering this should achieve your goal.

You're right Gauntlet, it's a solution, and i'll apply it in the next week. But as far as it's not possible to easely manage files and folders by the users, it'll be a one man action for a group of readers instead of give parents deciding for their kid's  by an "sfk approuved" button.

"it'll be a one man action for a group of readers" - Such is the job of every Admin.


Too complex: it would require a new "super user" role, specific UI, database modifications, etc.

As Gauntlet said, the next best thing is using separate folders for sfk and non-sfk content.

(that's what I plan to do when my kids are old enough to read comics)

Many thanks Tom for your answer and for your work. I totaly understand that it take time. I'll be happy to help you making your fantastic work a little better, so I'll send you money as soon as I can.

Please don't feel obliged to give anything.

Ubooquity is a hobby for me, I don't expect money in return. I do appreciate when people donate, of course, but feature implementation is not and will never be linked to donations.

I feel a little bit confuse, i never thought to command you nor order you. I really apologise if you think that. And that sfk thing was just an idea. I promise u to never donate a cent :-) 

your doing a good job, thank you again.

No no, you did not order me. :)

My bad, english is not my first language, so I don't always manage to express exactly what I mean.

I'm just afraid sometimes that people donate hoping some specific feature in exchange.

So I try to explain I can't commit on anything.

Sometimes even (like right now) when there was no request in the first place.