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text below thumbnail doesn't adjust to image size

rototo 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 5

Hi. I tried some smaller thumbnail sizes today so I could have more than 2 "lines" of books on a webpage, alas ubooquity doesn't care, you can reduce all you want to whatever size, the corresponding title won't move an inch from its position (corresponding to the larger thumbnail), instead you'll just get a gigantic space between thumbnail and text. and same for the book numbers by folder I guess, it doesn't readjust to thumbnail size and ends up outside the thumbnail, wasting even more space. I suppose it's not supposed to be that way, right ? :)

here's a screen 

Under review

Do you have the same problem with the default theme ?

ha, that's interesting, so I trashed the dark theme to see what would happen, and tada, everything was in the right place... BUT then I changed again the thumbnail size to check, and the problem was back , ie :

. I used "exit/stop server" after the thumbnail change to the 50x. then relaunched

. the thumbnails were adjusted to the new size (50x), but the text stayed to the previous position (110x or something)

it's like the image modifications are taken into account one step "before" the text or something, or it needs system reboot , (not just relaunching server after changes) for everything to work together ? 

ub2.1.1 / win7 64b

What happens if you force refresh the page in your browser ? (Ctrl + F5)

works with Ctrl+F5, that'll do  :)

without that, any resizing always produces weird results, even down to the file details :

maybe a chrome problem then ? 

tested with slimjet v15 (based on chromium 59)

after/before forced refresh :

Not a bug

That's because your browser (Chrome or any other) stores some files in its cache and does not ask them again to the server (Ubooquity) until a certain period expires.

Among them are the CSS files, which determine the layout of the text and images (and chich are changed on Ubooquity side when you configure a different cover size).

A forced page refresh just tells your browser to ask all the files again.That's the expected behaviour.