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Manga reading direction (Right to Left)?

Elliotpage 3 years ago updated by Rasheed Parker 3 months ago 9


Is it possible on the built-in web reader in Ubooquity to read a comic from Right to Left? 

I read a lot of manga and this would help a great deal - it is a small thing, but makes a difference to the reading experience!



I agree please this is really important !

Under review

Could you describe what is missing ?

(As you can already choose the reading direction when splitting pages)

A manga is written in right to left not like comics. So is it possible to add a button to change the direction just like Comicstreamer or comic screen (Android) do ? Also the split page cut the double page of a manga.. (PS : Sorry for the english)

Like this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manga#/media/File:Manga_reading_direction.svg

And like this (Screenshot of Screenstreamer interface) : https://imgur.com/a/w8ZXYMG

Otherwise for the arrows of the keyboard : https://imgur.com/a/JmKyijm

I know the reading order of mangas, I have read a lot myself. :)

But cliking the right arrow to go to the next page never bothered me.

I'll add this feature in the backlog.

Ok, thank you very much. Otherwise did you spotted the cut of the double page when split mode is activated ?

Hello, OP back.

Thanks for responding to this request- this change would be greatly appreciated as it helps with the immersion when reading manga and also as the overwhelming majority of other manga reading apps have this feature as well. 

Re-learning which direction is "forward" when switching apps is pretty irksome!



Hello, I totally agree !

I know this post is very old but I was wondering if there is any progress on this feature. I understand that using the right arrow key to move forward is fine, but to keep the traditional feel of the manga I find the page direction super important.