Not a bug

Folder.css not being implemented on multiple pages

Gregory Booth 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 2

I am trying to modify some existing themes (or create my own) by editing the css files.  When I select a publishers (or a specific publisher) the first page of results loads the folder.css file and implements theming correctly.  However, if I go to page 2 (or essentially anything other ?index=0) the folder.css is ignored.  Viewing source verifies that the folder.css file is no longer being referenced.

Here is an example, using Dynamite as a reference.  The first image shows all of the css (and folder-info.html).  The second image is page 2 of the same publisher.

yes, i’m having the same issue

Not a bug

That's by design.

The folder info (as required at time of implementation) was done to allow arbitrary text and images to be displayed as context of the content of a directory (like some info about authors, or a story arc). It did not make sense to repeat it on each page after the first one (it's not designed to be used as a way to customize the theme).

In any case, fully customizable themes (meaning you'll be able to modify the HTML of the page) are on the way (in the next release).