Help needed, configure HTTPS on Qnap

mercury 1 year ago updated by MontyJ 1 year ago 1

Hello there friends,

I have recently started using Ubooquity and loving it. In fact I dont think I have come across anyone who does not like it :). I have enabled external access via portforward however I generaly dont open anything to WWW unless it is HTTPS.

So my request, is there anyone who runs Ubooquity on Qnap and has configured HTTPS? If yes, may I kindly request a step by step guide?

Thank you in advance.

QNAP firmware: Latest

Ubooquity version: Latest


This may not directly fit your needs, but I do use Ubooquity on a QNAP TS-251 and my connection is https to the outside world.

I set up login for a few people and use a DDNS service called pagekite.net. Cheap, even free service provides all the dns and port forwarding aspects necessary. My setup allows both http and https connections, tho I am sure Pagekite could be configured to allow only https.

Pagekite is small and in (I believe) Iceland, so their customer service is not the fastest. But their documentation is extensive, so most of the (really only a few) issues I have had were self inflicted and solved with further reading of the docs.

Anyway, just a suggestion for a reliable way to have Internet access via https. Been using them for like 6 years!