Ubooquity and ComicGlass

Banjo 4 months ago updated by Tom Davies 2 months ago 1

I just discovered Ubooquity after searching for a Plex plugin or alternative for comics. It looks pretty cool, but while I've got it working fine on my PC and other PCs on my network, I can't figure out how to access the server/comics from my iPad outside the web browser, which is hardly ideal.

I use ComicGlass mainly for my comic needs, and was wondering how I'd set it up to access Ubooquity? ComicGlass has it's own media server application that I currently use, but I'd be interested in switching to the more feature-rich and prettier Ubooquity if it worked with ComicGlass. I tried adding my IP and ports as a site, but ComicGlass times out trying to access it.

I was surprised that I couldn't find any other posts about ComicGlass on the forums here as I thought it was quite a popular comic viewer (I also glanced at one mentioned here a lot - "Chunky" - but that qould require paying for an app when I have a perfectly good one in ComicGlass that I already paid for).

If anyone knows how to make Ubooquity and ComicGlass "talk" to one another, I'd appreciate the help!

If Ubooquity ca't work with ComicGlass, fair enough, as I can do most of what I want with ComicGlass (read without downloading, see covers across my network, access via Windows SMB so no need for the ComicGlass server to run, etc.) but I like Ubooquity's look so was hoping it might work and encourage me to switch over.

I don't use ComicGlass, but it should have OPDS support. Make sure that you're Ubooquity server has enabled OPDS and then setup ComicGlass to point to your OPDS link of your server. If that doesn't work, you can try the Chunky app. That's what I use on my iPad and it works great.