Book and Comics only shows up in the "Latest"-folders

NightKnight 4 months ago updated by Tom Davies 2 months ago 2


When I add my books and comics I can see a few off them listed in the "Latest books" and "Latest comics" section. However, none of the books or comics shows up under the general "Books" and "Comics" section. Any idea why that is? 

UPDATE: Now I feel dumb, the books and comics does in fact show up, but not on the first page of each site. After clicking "Books" on the front page I have to click it once more. Does anyone know why it doesn't show up on the first page?

Secondly, under books I have a few books that are not displayed correctly. Any idea why?

There's an option on the Advanced setting page of the Admin site. It's called "Bypass single root folder". If you check that option, it will skip the first page with the "books" button.

As for why some of your book covers don't show, that's probably something to do with the book file format or the format of the book cover image. Without being able to look at the file, it's hard to say. Are those books a different file format than the others?