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Wondering if it's safe to use Ubooquity on an online VPS

pbx47 10 months ago updated by Tom 10 months ago 1

Hello Guys,
I have just discovered Ubooquity and I'm loving it so far, but I have noticed that most people are using Ubooquity on their home networks and it's not exposed to the internet. but I only own a VPS and I was wondering if it's safe to run the application on my VPS and have it exposed to the internet

Any suggestions will be much appreciated

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Hello pbx47,

I would do the following to secure your Ubooquity instance:

  •  Once configured, launch Ubooquity without the --remoteadmin flag. This way no one will be able to modify your configuration remotely. Your worse risk will be someone gaining access to the folders you share, not the whole content of the VPS.
  • Use protection against brute force attacks (e.g. fail2ban)
  • Use a SSL certificate to protect your connections (otherwise your password could be intercepted when using unsecure networks)