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using symlinks on linux to create different folders for adults and kids.

wisbit 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 5

Hi there,

I have one massive folder for all comics, however I'd like to manage separate access for my kids to curated content.
I do not want to separate the comics into different folder. I thought that I could create a separate folder for KIDSCOMICS and in there add lots of symlinks to the folders that I wish to choose.

It works in terms in being scanned and added. However, when I create separate users to access those, only the first one created that has access to everything can actually list the comic folder


--> symlink to COMIC_Folder_1/
--> symlink to COMIC_Folder_2/

In admin, I shared 2 folders 'COMICS' (with the actual folders of the actual comics) and "KIDS COMICS" (with links to folders I chose), created 2 users, one that has access to both, and one that can only access KIDS COMICS.

The user that can access both, has no problem visualising both shares, enters each and see the contents.

The user that can only access those can click on "KidsComics", see the 2 folders, but when the user clicks I get a 
--> ERROR com.ubooquity.provider.comic.b - Comic entry not found or user not authorized

Any ideas as what could be the problem ?


To add a few details.

If I add the "young" user the rights to access to whole COMICS share, then it can see the content of the individual folder that was made for him

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Hello Wisbit,

I won't go into boring technical details, but Ubooquity does not support symbolic links (it might change in a future version as a side effect of some other modifications I am doing, but it's not certain).

I will have the same need as you in a few years, when I will give access to my children to a subset of my library.

For now I think my strategy will simply be to duplicate the files I want them to see in a dedicated folder. Not an elegant solution, but given the size of hard drives nowadays it won't be a problem.


Cheers for the answer
There doesn't seem to be a problem using syminks, the issue only arises with a specific ubooquity user ;-)


I am using symlink without problems on my Raspberry with the last Ubooquity version.

Have you checked your folders as well as symlink permissions?


thanks for the reply.

that's a little strange, all files, folders and symlinks ahve the same permissions. 
The issue comes when accessing the uboqquity interface using a specific ubooquity user