opds access

Brodie 4 months ago updated by goubul 3 months ago 3

I am trying to add my Ubooquity server via OPDS to Perfect Viewer.  OPDS is broken in PV but they have a beta version they are asking me to test.

OPDS works in Kuboo reader.  When I add it to PV it says cannot access server.  If I browse to http://:2202.opds-comics I get prompted for my credentials.  When I enter them, it doesn't let me in but asks again.  Not sure if this is a Ubooquity server issue?

You said it works with Kuboo Reader.

You also said it is broken in PV, but they're trying to fix it in their beta version.

I think it's pretty obvious where the problem is...

I also said that it does not work in a web browser.  So two things don't work and one does.