Install on QNAP?

MarkD 3 weeks ago updated by Anton Baur 3 weeks ago 1

Anyone have tips on how to install Ubooquity on a QNAP NAS?  I have a TS-253Be if that makes any difference.

I've got as far as doing a create in the container, searching for Ubooquity, I installed the Linuxserver/Ubooquity:Latest and it shows.  Last time I installed an app in the container there was a little chain link after the name which I clicked to configure the app.  This does not have that.  Any guidance on the next steps?  Thanks / Mark

take the easy way : install the app from the QNAP-Club repository (https://www.qnapclub.eu/de/howto/1

and then install the Ubooquity-package directly from them - it runs here nearly 4 years without any trouble...