Start using CLI stops

WorldTeacher 7 months ago updated by Tom 7 months ago 5

When I try to start Ubooquity using the CLI i get the following error:

I only have Java 8 installed, no other java versions.

How can I fix this?


Did you try with the --headless parameter ? (reference)

Your error makes me think you don't have a graphical environement, so you need to tell Ubooquity not to try to instantiate a GUI.

I tried using the --headless parameter, (although i have a gui), now it displays the followig: ubooquity.log

when I tried to access the page using localhost:2003 i get this error from my browser: Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost:2003.

Default admin port is 2203, not 2003.

now i get this message:


Problem accessing /. Reason:

    Could not find matching provider (wrong URL)

That's because this is not the right URL (you need to access /admin).

Just follow the documentation I linked in my first message, everything's in it.