I'm thinking of creating a tool for easily creating story arcs by querying the H2 database directly.

MirthWizard 2 weeks ago 0

To learn the ubooqity schema and test out my very rusty SQL I'm using RazorSQL. I log in with the name "SA" and no password. I can see all the sessions with "select * from PUBLIC.SESSION" but when I try "select * from PUBLIC.COMICS" only the table schema shows up in the header and no data. I thought maybe it's too many rows so I limit it with "limit 10" and still no rows show up. Any ideas how I can get access to all the comic titles and associated IDs?

The plan is to look up the Comic IDs that are needed for story arcs supported by themes (like Comixology2). The name of the comics rarely change, but sometimes on scanning the IDs do change. Also, making story arcs by bookmarking all the comics in a given arc, downloading the json.cbr, and then editing it is tedious. Figure making it more automated based on Title, volume, issue number would be simpler.  

I guess ultimately story arc support in Ubooquity would be the ideal solution.