Support for open file format .DJVU .DJV

Antoine Sylvia 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 6
Thanks for this great solution and also incorporating some of my initial suggestions such as supporting HTTPS and .Mobi books (I post under the "Boston" username in comments for your releases). I have a big collection of books in the DJVU / DJV open file format which is an alternative to PDF (first released in 1998). I realized after running a scan that this format is currently unsupported in the latest edition and was wondering if there were any plans of adding to future releases? I know I can access them via the RAW section but support for this format would be a great addition.
Under review
I have found java library to read DJVU files. I'll try to use it in Ubooquity (so far I am optimistic). 
Thanks for working on this extension, this ensures all formats are now covered by the server.