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Is Ubooquity proyect dead ?

tplatero 10 months ago updated by p0lrb3ar 7 months ago 8

Anybody could tell me if this software is dead?

I mean, without maintenance and without upgrades.

Under review

I'm still working on it whenever I find the time and energy.

Still have some work to wrap up the ongoing modification, but getting there.

I aim at a new release this year.

Hi Tom,

Is there any way to utilize the cover.jpg file that Calibre creates to use as the cover for books? I notice that Ubooquity tries to pull the cover out of the epub or pdf file, but the cover jpg is created already. Is the best way to import cover.jpg just to copy or rename them to folder.jpg?

Thank you so much. Other than my cover issue, I absolutely love Ubooquity!!!!!

Hi p0lrb3ar, Ubooquity can only display the cover it finds in the book file, it won't look at external files.

The "folder.jpg" image is just used for folders, it won't work for books. Sorry.

No worries at all. Maybe it could be used in the future. In the meantime, going to donate what I can for the cause. Thank you so much for sharing this project with us!


I look forward to this new update.

Thank you so much.

\o/  i'll give you plenty dollars as soon as i can ;)

it's done! now you can buy energy drink :) 

thank you for your great work !


Thanks !

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* Cracks knuckles *

* Opens a can *

* Starts coding *