Under review

Option to default to either "Download" or "Read Now" when clicking a book, instead of the popup

cam443 8 months ago updated 8 months ago 2

I use Ubooquity for my massive RPG PDF collections simply because its the best option for the very weird file structure I have organized over the years. I'd simply love to be able to set a default action when clicking a book, so that instead of the popup asking if I want to download or read pops up, it just automatically does whichever option I set as default. I often like to copy/paste or highlight things in these PDFs so a way to skip those extra clicks would be a massive QOL improvement.

Under review

That extra click has been bothering me for about 10 years. :D

Direct download when clicking a cover will be possible in the next version of Ubooquity if you use a theme that works that way (thanks to a new theming system that will allow much more customisation). Such a theme should be quite easy to write, I might even create one as an example of how the new system works.

I'll publish a beta version before the end of the summer.

That is wonderful news! I eagerly await the beta!