Running on a Mac Server trying to share folders on a network drive (NAS)

canasian 10 months ago updated by DarkShadowSwE 8 months ago 1

So I've got my server up and running on my Mac and I'm trying to add a folder that's on my NAS where all of my media resides. 

When I navigate to the "Volumes' folder it shows me my local and attached drives. Does anyone know the path to mapped network drives on a Mac?

Thanks in advance!

Well, i havent done it on a Mac, but both in linux and windows and thats how i currently run my windows setup.

But accordingly to this: https://osxdaily.com/2023/02/13/mount-smb-share-command-line-mac/

"mount -t smbfs //name@server /MountDestination" then just map the folder in the admin GUI.