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Progress sync with Ubooquity

GrumpyRobot 9 months ago updated by Tom 9 months ago 3

I saw that there is a new beta coming out (yay!) and I was just wondering if there is any way to sync progress like I can do with some apps and Kavita? Would love to get all my epubs and comics under a single program, so was just curious.


Under review

What client apps do you have in mind ?

Nothing particular in mind, but hopefully something cross platform. Currently I'm using FBReader with their network, and it's great because it works on iOS and Android and Computer (which I could do via web on Ubooquity).

It's doable, since the progress tracking already exists in Ubooquity (for the online reader). Bookmarks API could be exposed for 3rd party clients. But for that I would need at least one client developper interested in using it.

Unless there is already some standard protocol or API fort that (I don't know about any, except perhaps the one used by KOReader).