Feature Request - Media Management

michael1 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 2

Hi Tom,

as I have seen that you are in the middle of v3, I would first of all say a big thank you for the great work :)

I would like to add some feature requests here:

- Media Analysis: Identification of faulty files, wrong cbr/cbz archives, epubs etc.

- Duplicate Files: Identification of duplicates inside the library

is something like this planned?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the kind words. :)

Ubooquity already tries to guess the real type of a file (using its header) when it fails to open the file based on its extension. But only for CBZ and CBR files, as they are the only file types I have ever seen mixed up.

This will be a bit improved in the next version with better CBR detection (as different RAR versions have different headers), and better logs.

As for the duplicates detection, since this is quite easy to add, I'll print a list of duplicate files in the logs after each scan.

Hi Tom,

very nice and highly appreciated. I was already looking into other solutions like komga, but didnt like it compared to Ubooquity beside these tools for media management.