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Question about category

StudioNeuneu 1 month ago updated by Matthew Bourns 1 month ago 3


Thanks for the new version. I have a question.

What is the difference between folder categories? Are they just for sorting books, or is there something else? Are they related to the format (pdf, cbz, epub...)? And what does it change to check "Folder is a Calibre library"?

I have have added a magazine category and now there are comics, books and magazines which all follow their folder structures. I do wonder what formats are supported by each category type, if it has changed with the reworked db calls. 

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Categories are just a way of organising your library.

There is no difference between categories regarding file format, or anything else.

That's part of why the development took so much time. On previous versions, books and comics were managed completely separately, with different code. Now every file is managed exactly the same way (with specific behaviour based on specific formats, e.g. the online reader, not categories). 

As for the "Calibre library" checkbox: when creating its internal folder structure, Calibre creates a folder for each book, which is annoying when you display the folder structure in Ubooquity.

Checking the box just hides the intermediate folder, removing an unnecessary click when you navigate.

Thank you for the explanation., I like that changes it makes it a lot easier to manage my collections.