Under review

Really enjoying the "mark as read" feature

coopjk 8 months ago updated by Tom 7 months ago 5

Just wondering if you've thought of making it so that it all chapters/books in a collection are all marked as red to have it show on the main page also

Under review

You mean for a folder ? Or for a whole category (e.g. all comics) ?

Although technically possible, I think the performance impact of needing to check all the subfolders recursively might be an issue.

About this the read/unread feature. Is there a way to keep the read/unread status when upgrading previous ubooquity version?  I'd really appreciate if I didn't have to do it all over

All data (including read/unread status) is kept when upgrading, unless there is a major internal database structure update (which is the case for Ubooquity 3, due to the high number of modifications made to the internal model).

So once you are on Ubooquity 3, you should be safe for at least a few years (I'll try to avoid any breaking change as much as possible, as I don't like rescanning my whole collection either).