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Feature request - PHP support for Jetty?

DarkShadowSwE 6 months ago updated by Tom 6 months ago 1

Hi Tom,

Would it be possible to add php support to the underlying webserver?

If so i would also love to have database support also (mysql prefered).

I got a separate webserver with just for keeping track of my favorites/current reading, ;)

Or if you would like to implement a simular thing?, i have like 3 fields in the DB, user, "name" and url, like: /comics/65/

Under review

Ubooquity is written in Java / Kotlin, and uses a Jetty embedded server and a H2 embedded database. Quite far from the PHP/MySQL stack.
So it won't be possible (and out of the scope of Ubooquity anyway).

However if the goal is to easily find what you are currently reading, a dedicated Ubooquity page with the "in-progress" is already on my to do list. It won't be part of the next release, but probably the one just after.

As for the favorites, I don't have plan to implement a "favorite" system, but there is already a column in Ubooquity for a user rating (unused so far, but it's a feature I'm considering).