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New 3.0 Theme - NorthernLights

Erlend Larsen Bonderud 7 months ago updated by Tom 7 months ago 1

This is one of my favourite pieces of software on the homeserver, providing me with content on train commutes. Since there's a new version of Ubooquity, I thought I'd do two things 

  1. Donate to keep the project running. 
  2. Adapt my own personal theme to the new version and share it for others to use

I've put together a darker theme that is esthetiqually pleasing to me, but I don't make any claim that this is a theme for everyone. I haven't put it through usability trials across different devices and screen resolutions, so there might be some bugs - but report them back to me and I'll make a reasonable effort to keep people happy.

The main differences from the default theme:

# Modern CSS3 usage. Deleted some of the old code which is now failing checks. Added some new tricks instead.
# Darkish background - easier on the eyes.
# Navigational Icons are largely replaced by embedding awesomefont -> lower theme size, more responsive at the cost of some loading time. This is mostly a change to make it easier to prototype other theme changes.
# Category Icons are now photorealistic instead of pictograms at a cost of a higher filesize, typical 6kb vs 30kb.
# Added persistant logout and home buttons in top menu -> More uniform behaviour

Image 800

Image 801

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The Theme can  be downloaded here:


Under review

Very nice ! Thanks Erlend. :)