pdf local links dont work

pdf enjoyer 4 weeks ago updated by Tom 4 weeks ago 1

for epubs, if they have a link pointing to another place inside the epub or to some website, it works fine when I click on it.

but for pdfs, no matter where I click, the UI menu (with the "click here to close this menu") pops up, instead of opening the link.

this has made reading pdfs very annoying as I need multiple tabs open (one for glossary, one for translation notes etc)

I beleive adding capability to click on links in pdfs is very useful and should be implemented, I am using uboo3beta


That's because the PDF pages are rendered as images on the server before being sent to your browser (whereas Epubs chapters are sent as HTML files, including links).

Ungfortunately this means links will never be functional when the PDF is read online, page by page.

For PDF links to works, the PDF file has to be opened in a PDF reader. So you have to download it instead of reading it online.