Best way to differentiate comics and regular books?

Theo Redelijkheid 5 years ago updated by StudioNeuneu 5 years ago 4
First of all compliments for this great piece of software...

I currently use Calibre to both maintain my Comics , Epub and PDF library.
This works great and I am quite happy with this setup.

If I am correct Ubooqity makes the difference between Comics and Epub by the source directory?
Unfortunatly Calibre stores all the information into one single directory. Within Calibre I use Tags (like "Comic" to split the Epubs and Comics.

Will there ever be the possibility to use Tags in Ubooquity? Or is there another (better?) way to get this working?

Many thanks....

Under review
I have no immediate plan to merge comics and ebooks sections for now, as this would require rewriting a significant part of the application. This will be Ubooquity 2.0 ;)

The only workaround I can suggest is to share your folders twice, once in the Books section and once in the Comics section of Ubooquity. The only problem you'll have is that PDF files will be available in both sections. Other formats will be filtered out depending of the section: epub, mobi etc. will appear as ebooks while cbz and cbr will appear as comics.

No worries! I have found the solution... If you use the "Save to Disc" option in Calibre you can choose your own template. If you use the {tags} parameter followed by a "\" then Calibre will export the books in seperate folders. So now I have a folder "Comics" and that can easily picked up by Ubooquity! The ePubs and the Comic files are now being handeled seperatly.

Unfortunatly Ubooquity has become less stable now. Maybe because of my 33 "tags" and thus 33 folders...
This is what I get:

Syno-415> 20150603 11:23:33 [Scanner thread] WARN com.ubooquity.data.database.a - Could not find id of root path /
volume1/books/Theo's Bibliotheek/Wetenschap (ignore this warning if you just added a new root directory)
> 20150603 11:23:33 [Scanner thread] WARN com.ubooquity.data.database.a - Could not find id of root path /volume1/
books/Theo's Bibliotheek/Wonen (ignore this warning if you just added a new root directory)
-ash: syntax error: unexpected "("
Syno-415> 20150603 11:23:33 [Scanner thread] INFO com.ubooquity.fileformat.pdf.c - Reading metadata of pdf file: /
volume1/books/Theo's Bibliotheek/Tijdschrift/_Onbekend_/Playboy Nederland 09-2014 NL.pdf
> 20150603 11:23:34 [Thread-2] WARN com.ubooquity.Ubooquity - Stopping server in shutdown hook
> 20150603 11:23:34 [Thread-2] INFO com.ubooquity.b - Stopping internal server...
> 20150603 11:23:34 [Thread-2] INFO com.ubooquity.data.feeder.a - Aborting content scan...
> 20150603 11:23:34 [Thread-2] INFO com.ubooquity.data.feeder.a - Waiting for scanner thread to stop
> Exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException thrown from the UncaughtExceptionHandler in thread "Scanner thread"
> 20150603 11:23:34 [Thread-2] INFO com.ubooquity.data.feeder.a - Scanner thread stopped
> 20150603 11:23:34 [Thread-2] INFO com.ubooquity.b - Internal server stopped
> 20150603 11:23:34 [Thread-2] INFO com.ubooquity.Ubooquity - Database closed
> 20150603 11:23:34 [Thread-2] INFO com.ubooquity.Ubooquity - Ubooquity has closed.

Any idea? Have reboored my DS415+ NAS a couple of times - no luck.


With Calibre you can make more than one Library, maybe it could help to differentiate your book from your comics.