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Jim Howe 6 years ago updated by Tom 6 years ago 6
The hotspots for page up and down are great on touchscreen, but it would be nice if the left and right arrow keys could flip pages from the keyboard.
Under review
Well, there are already keyboard shortcuts usable when reading a comic online:

  • ← and → (arrow keys) to go to previous/next page
  • ENTER to display/hide the overlay
  • ESC to close the comic book
If these shortcuts do not work for you, could you tell me which browser you use and on which OS so that I can investigate ?
Hi Tom,

When I access it from Chrome Version 37.0.2062.120 on Windows 7 64-bit or Chrome Version 37.0.2062.120 (64-bit) on Unbuntu 14.04 64-bit (localhost for the server, too) the arrow keys do not work to turn pages (but will work for scrolling through large images up and down and left and right).

Firefox v32.0 on the same ubuntu box works perfectly with the left and right arrow keys flipping pages.

I hope this helps!
It helped a lot. I use mostly Firefox, so I dind't notice the shortcuts were not woking in Chrome.
The bug has been fixed. Shortcuts will work for all browser in the next release (1.6.0).

Beautiful!  Thanks, Tom.  Great stuff.