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Scanner thread does not end

Claus44 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 5
I'm a enthusiastic newbee. I have installed Ubooquity two days ago in version 1-7-6 on my QNAP NAS. It was very easy to install. The server runs, my siblings can access the server and download books. Very good!
Now the server runs since two days, but the scanner thread does not end. My problem: After the initial setup with one directory, I have added three more shared directories, but the books in this directories do not appear in Ubooquity. When I click "Launch new scan" I get this information in the logfile:
20150909 17:39:43 [pool-2-thread-18] INFO com.ubooquity.data.feeder.a - Ignoring scan request as another scan is already running.
But the last entry with scanning is from yesterday:
20150908 13:58:06 [Scanner thread] INFO com.ubooquity.fileformat.pdf.c - Reading metadata of pdf file: /share/MD0_DATA/ePub/Akers, Alan Burt/52 - Dray Prescot - Mord aud Kregen/52 - Dray Prescot - Mord aud Kregen - Alan Burt Akers.pdf

I hope, somebody can help me.
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Did you try stopping and restarting the server ? (you will not lose any data)
Yes, once I stopped and restarted only the Ubooquity server, once I restart the NAS too. But both tries had no effect. On the server admin page I see "Last scan: in progress..."
Is the scan stuck on a specific files or is it progressing ?

If you want, send me the full log file :
 tom at vaemendis.net
Hi Tom, you have solved the problem! After your first answer, I have stopped and restarted the server once more. And the last line in the logfile after the entries of server start was the same Scanner thread line with the same PDF-File like that from yesterday. The reason was a corrupt PDF File. I just deleted the file and now I just deleted the file and now the scanner continues with other books and the books of the new directories.
Thank you for your push. Now I can explore the further possibilitiesof sharing books.
That's good news. :)