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Bo Rosén 5 years ago updated by Chunky 5 years ago 2
I just installed Ubookquity on my pi, and it seems to work fine. Except, it appears it doesn't support epub for comics, of which I have a few. Perhaps this could be added at some point?
Under review
It's not planned as ebooks and comics are processed quite differently by Ubooquity. So I'd rather not mix the two (the only exception being PDF files, but even there, two different rendering engines are used depending on the section you put your files into).
The workaround is to share your epub comics in the book section.
Interesting note: ePub is based on a zip container the same as CBZ, so if the epub has one big image per page and the image filenames are numbered sensibly, you can open the ePub as a CBZ and it'll work fine.

Since it's rather unpredictable how an ePub will render on 10 different devices, ePub authors usually avoid anything fancy like mixing image and text elements like they might do in a PDF comic (eg. using real text to do a letters page). So in my experience it's reasonably safe to assume the ePub will be just a bunch of full-page images. My app actually claims support for 'ePub' even though it simply treats it as another name for 'CBZ', and I don't remember every having a problem with one.

Bo: Try just renaming your ePubs to CBZ.