Not a bug

opds broblems

madmax1990 6 years ago updated by Tom 6 years ago 4
Hi i was not able to connect to the opds feed with aldiko on my android with https enabled (also possible with https disabled) after the login mask i got stuck
Under review
Unfortunately Aldiko does not seem to support OPDS authentication.
Cf the results of my tests in this post.

This is an Aldiko problem, so you should report it to the Aldiko developper.
(if you do it and get an answer, I'd be interested in knowing it as well)
THX i must habe misinterpretated the test results ;)
Well, HTTPS will work in Aldiko, as long as you do not activate "user management" in Ubooquity.
Not very satisfying, all the more since Aldiko is a fine application. But there is nothing I can do on my side.