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Squeezebox cookie issue (on Synology nas)

Roflcop 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 3
Just found out about this nice tool yesterday. Atm I'm scanning some of my files and there are a lot of errors in the log. I'm using Ubooquity on my Synology nas, it also has some other packaged running like the Squeezebox server. Errors are like:

20150226 16:33:35 [pool-2-thread-11] WARN com.ubooquity.f.f - Could not understand cookie header : manage_view2=details; wanted_view2=details; plushHistPerPage=50; ys-Squeezebox-panelWidth=o%3Awidth%3Dn%253A580; jwplayer.volume=96; snatched_view2=list; soon_view2=thumbs; late_view2=list; advanced_toggle_checked=1; plushQueuePerPage=9999999; init_mod=; Squeezebox-expanded-activePlugins=1; Squeezebox-expanded-inactivePlugins=1; Squeezebox-expanded-otherPlugins0=1; plushFailedOnly=0; Squeezebox-playersettings=null; Squeezebox-advancedsettings=null; plushContainerWidth=100%25; plushMultiOps=1; plushNoTopMenu=0; UbooquityAdminSession=-675057735585753193; UbooquitySession=galezen#8330184212071022332; ComicSettings=folder#path#asc; Squeezebox-expandPlayerControl=true; Squeezebox-player=00%3A55%3A20%3A98%3Afa%3A22; Squeezebox-expanded-MY_MUSIC=1; Squeezebox-expanded-RADIO=0; Squeezebox-expanded-PLUGIN_MY_APPS_MODULE_NAME=1; Squeezebox-expanded-FAVORITES=1; Squeezebox-expanded-PLUGINS=0; stay_login=0; id=0e4G4YofJjUOsB7J5N12974
Under review
This warning ("Could not understand cookie header") is triggered by the cookies created by the Synology interface in your browser. It can be safely ignored (and I should probably remove it).
Thanks for the reply, it was spamming my logs, but nothing to worry about i guess.