Unsorted Comic Books?

Derek Sparks 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 6
I've got all of my comics in folders and I when opening the main Ubooquity page, I see an "Unsorted Comic Books" link that takes me to a seemingly random assortment of comics. The comics on this page are not shown in the "All Comic Books" page.

How do I "sort" them so that they show up in the main page?
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You have two links for comics on the main page (alongside books and raw files if you activated them): "Comics" and "Latest comics".
"Comics" takes you to your full collection while "Latest Comics" only show the few last comics that where added by the Ubooquity scan.
There is also (not on the home page but when you are already browsing your collection) a "Random" button that indeed displays a random selection.
But there is no "Unsorted Comic Books" link. So I don't understand. Could you post a screenshot ?
If you hover over the "Unsorted Comic Books" link, it does indicate that it's the "Latest" that you mentioned and when I switch back to the default theme, it changes to "Latest..."

But I still can't figure out why the comics listed under the "Unsorted..." (or "Latest...") link don't also show up under the "All..." link.
Ok, the theme was misleading.
Anyway, there is absolutely no reason for the "Latest comics" to be absent from the other pages.
Could you try to go to "All comic books" and apply the following display options ? (grid or cog icon in the top toolbar)

Grouping: flat
Sorting criterion: date
Sorting order: descending
If you don't see the same comics as in "Latest comics", then there is a bug.

Just following up here on this. I've done quite a bit of re-organizing on the folder structure and I don't think that this was a bug with the software. Seems like I was just being lazy about getting things into the correct folder structure. Thanks for looking though. :-)