Reading two Pages at once...

Ralf Plaschke 5 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 10
I love Ubooquity. The online reader is very comfortable and quick, so downloading and syncing is no longer necessary. I really love that. To make my reading experience perfect, i would like to have an option to display 2 following pages at once (or one double page, if it's a wide one), because my widescreen monitor is too wide for fit to width and not high enough for fit to height.

I'd would be perfect to have two pages side by side an do a little up and down scrolling.. or to buy a larger monitor of course... or buy one having a pivot function... sigh... ;)
Under review
Given the insane pixel density we have today on monitors, I get how this would be nice.

It will require a heavy modification of the reader script though. I'll put it in my todo list (I think it's a good idea), but don"t expect it anytime soon.

+1 to adding this feature. I wouldn't have thought it would require such heavy modifications however. I don't know enough about programming to know if looking at the code for the open-source Sumatra PDF Reader (which has the dual-page view feature) would help at all.

Sumatra is written in a completely different language, so it wouldn't help, but thanks. :)

As for the work required for the modification: it's done in Javascript (not Java), a language I'm not an expert in and which is one of the most painful to use (but when you write code for browser you don't have a choice).

Breaking things written in Javascript is quite easy, that's why even simple features take time when they are done in this language (although Angular helps a bit, for those who are familiar with the Javascript ecosystem).

On a similar note, is there a way to make the Read view default to "Fit to height" every time instead of "Fit to width"?

Reader settings are supposed to be stored in a cookie, so it should stay on "fit to height" once you've selected it.

It's not working ?

Ugh sorry, I must've been in a private browsing session or cleared cookies. It's working normally so feel free to strike that comment.

Also giving this a +1. Got Ubooquity set up today and it's exactly what I've been looking for aside from the limit to one page. One page at a time is fine most of the time, but I've been reading Prophet which has some scenes that span across both pages.

Without taking a look at the code it's hard to say, but couldn't you just add a second "container" for a second page that sits right next to the first "container" and then have the "Next Page" button just skip ahead two pages at a time instead of one page at a time? If you get to the end of the list and there's only one page, then only render that page. It would take some minor lookahead logic, but it shouldn't be too terrible. It's hard to judge the difficulty/complexity without seeing how it's all set up currently, though.

Is the code available anywhere online? I'd like to play around with it a bit to see if I can get a second page rendered on the screen.

After digging through some of the JS I found, turns out "No Split" does exactly what I was looking for and shows two pages when there's a two-page spread. Thanks for the great product!

You're welcome. :)