Where can I find more information on the layout/syntax of the folder-info.html files?

Tom Davies 9 years ago updated by Tom 9 years ago 4

I'm looking to setup my comic folders with folder-info.html files, but have no idea what to put in them syntax-wise. Is there an example or reference on this?


You can find a few explanation lines and a sample in the 1.8.0 release post.

Let me know if you need more details on this feature.

Thanks! That was perfect.

Are there currently any other options other than "[[FOLDER]]"? What I'm looking to do it if I don't have a header image to make it just say the name of the current folder's name. I.E. my Star Wars folder says "Star Wars"... Because what I'd like to do is create a generic enough one that it can be used for every folder rather than having a custom one in every folder.

No, the folder info feature allows only to add HTML content to a folder page and use resources (like images) located in this folder (accessed through the "[[FOLDER]]" placeholder).

There is no other variable you could use in your HTML.