[Suggestion] Set folder exclusion

Matthew Sanders 9 years ago updated by Christophe Pecquerie 9 years ago 10
As of version 1.7 users are able to set folders in /admin that the scraper will traverse. Please add a textarea in the Comics setting to set folders to be ignored. Some users may have sub-folders within their comics directory that have not yet been sorted or had not yet had metadata generated and should not be scanned by Ubooquity.
One more reason for folder exclusion: Some NAS machines, like my Synology NAS, have #recyle directories in the root of each shared folder. Deleted items are moved to this directory to enable user friendly file recovery. However, Ubooquity treats this folder as any other and scans it for books.
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I think a simple option to add a regular expresion (some kind of "mask" to identify folders to ignore) could do the job.
For instance you could ignore all "#recycle" directories.
Hi, What is the format for this feature? I've tested execluding .AppleDouble folders with this expression /(AppleDouble)/.
But I've not had any success.
You have to use Java regular expressions (which are very close to regular expressions used in many other languages).
Here is the detailed definition of regexps in Java : https://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/util/regex/Pattern.html
Here is a tool to easily test your expressions: http://java-regex-tester.appspot.com/

Thanks Tom,
Then I think there's a bug somewhere as I am using \.AppleDouble as a regex (accepted by the test tool) but I still see .AppleDouble folders on ubooquity.
Do you have any suggestions?
That's because the regular expression has to match the whole path, not only the folder name (not very intuitive, I agree, but necessary so that you can precisely define which folders you want to exclude in complex cases).

In your case, something like ".*.AppleDouble" (without the quotes) should work.
(there is probably a cleaner regexp for this one, but I'm not a regexp expert)

Let me know if the problem persists.
Great, thanks, it worked. I think this is something worth mentionning in a doc somewhere !