Web server hosted by IIS/Apache

Jean-Fred Castanier 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3
An alternative way to host the Web server with another provider, like IIS, Apache, Tomcat, ...
Because i need to host multiple websites on 1 server, based on the name, not only on the port. Only 1 port used for all, 80.
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You can do that with Ubooquity 1.6.0 (released yestarday).You have to configure Ubooquity to use a port different from 80, then choose a reverse proxy prefix and redirect traffic corresponding to this prefix and the port you have chosen to Ubooquity.

For instance, if your server name is "myserver.com", configure Ubooquity to use port 2202, set the reverse proxy prefix to "ubooquity" and configure your IIS/Apache/Tomcat to redirect all traffic corresponding to "myserver.com/ubooquity" to "localhost:2202". (prefix and port number are only examples, use what you want).

yep, ok many thanks for your answer.
I will try that.