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Port setting ignored after first run

Graham Wheeler 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 1
I have found on Ubuntu that after the first run, any change in the port setting is simply ignored. The UI will say that the port has been changed, the general tab will show URLs with the new port, but the service is still running on the old port. Quitting and restring does not help.
Under review
Two things to check:
  • the log file: the port Ubooquity is using is logged when the server starts. It would be interesting to know which port (old one or new one is logged)
  • the preferences.xml file: same thing

Also, be sure NOT to specify a port number on the command line when starting Ubooquity in UI mode (command line arguments are also written to the log file when the server starts or restarts, so you can check them there).