Hi! I am trying to setup an e-reading room for a not-for-profit school on their inra-net (not internet). Can Ubooquity work as ebook server? Thanks

Rajendra Dave 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3
I am volunteering to help a not-for-profit school in India to  setup an e-reading room (on their internal network, not on internet) based on the content that they have. In this context, I am looking for an ebook server. I was wondering if Ubooquity is a suitable candidate. Does it include a reader? I would prefer one with facility to bookmark and annotate content. Thanks.
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Hi Rajendra,

I suppose Ubooquity could work properly in your context. The main problems you could face would depend on the number of users.
Ubooquity was designed as a "home" server, I did not test it with a high number of simultaneous connections (do you have an idea of the number of simultaneous users you would have ?).
Furthermore, this is not a professional application. So there is no guarantee or support. Just me answering questions and working on the code whenever I have time to do so. :)

I don't know either if you would want to limit access to the books using logins and passwords.
If so, and if you have a lot of students, user account creation might be a bit tedious as you would have to create all accounts yourself (there is no interface for a user to create his account himself).

Last warning: Ubooquity currently offers an online reader (inside the browser) only for comics (CBZ/CBR) and PDF files. I plan to try to add an epub reader at some point, but not before a few months, and I'm not sure sure to succeed (I can't make promises on bookmarks or annotations).

The best way to check if Ubooquity fills your needs is probably to set it up (on a desktop environment it's done in a matter of minutes) and do a few tests.
Let me know if you have other questions (and if you choose to use Ubooquity for your school).

Thanks Tom for a very useful and  prompt answer. We will have around 25 simultaneous users. You have a  valid point regarding management of user accounts. As suggested by you, I plan to try out the Ubooquity once hardware is in place. Will revert if there are any more questions. Thanks again..