Bonjour support

Chunky 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 14
It'd be cool if Ubooquity advertised it's OPDS feeds via Bonjour (aka DNS service discovery); it's a small thing but it would smooth the setup process for users a tiny bit.

I'm not sure if other apps use it but mine (Chunky reader) looks for the service identifier "_opds._tcp."
Under review
I don't know the first thing about Bonjour, but I'll take a look.
Can't promise anything yet though.
Currently adding streaming OPDS support to the app btw, works nicely :)
That great news ! :D
Let me know if you encounter any difficulty coming from the way I implemented the OPDS feed.
I tried to stick to the specifications as closely as possible but I found some parts quite ambiguous.
I can attest that it is working very well indeed, and also would like to have my server advertise via Bonjour.

I am on linux and already have avahi-daemon running.  OS X ships with bonjour OOTB.  I am not sure what it takes to get running on Windows these days... any computer with iTunes on it I believe will have bonjour/zeroconf/avahi running.

I know you want to avoid any native library wrapper type implementations, though, and I haven't implemented Bonjour myself for anything, so I can't attest to the challenges you'll run into.
Yep, it works great, even if OPDS is not a perfect spec -actually there's one OPDS workaround I had in mind, I'll add it as a separate item.
Nice project btw.
Hi, sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to post but I've been trying to access the ubooquity server through the ios chunky app; I've entered all the address correctly and it won't connect. I've also tapped on the the local servers button to see if ubooquity is discoverable to no avail.

Weirdly, if I enter the same ip address in the web browser it's able to connect no problem. any idea what might be the problem? thanks ahead of time.

Hi Super,
The address you need to enter isn't the same as for the web-interface - it's shown in the Ubooquity in Advanced Settings when you select 'enable OPDS', it'll be something like '' (and make sure you have OPDS actually enabled while you're there)
Hi Chunky, thanks for your reply! I tried this and it works great. Is there any way thumbnail previews of the comics in that directory can be added in future versions of chunky! I really love your app, I have the upgraded version and think it's my favorite by far (I've used comic zeal and comicflow in the past).
Honestly if I was starting the app now there'd be proper support for remote libraries, but it'd be a ton of work to add at this point. Probably the best I can manage is what I do for ComicStreamer - show the web UI, but detect when you tap a comic and open it in the native reader. It's planned, but it might be a while.
Glad you like it btw :)
(and apologies for going OT, Tom, not intentional)
Not a problem. :)
I took a good look at the Java libraries available to add Bonjour support, and the result is not good (I'm not alone in this quest apparently). Each lib has at least one fatal flaw or limitation.

I'll have to decline this one, sorry.
Ah bummer, sorry to hear it.