Ubooquity will not go fullscreen on mobile browsers

gilgamex 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 4
I cannot get Ubooquity to go fullscreen on any browser on either Android or IOS. I have tried Chrome on both platforms, Safari on IOS.

Other websites allow for fullscreen, but for some inexplicable reason Ubooquity will not allow the address bar to go away.

It's a shame because who wants to look at the address bar when reading comics or books.
Dolphin & Firefox both allow fullscreen viewing on both Android and iOS.
It's not a problem with the browsers, both of the above (chrome and safari) support fullscreen. My point is fullscreen works for all other sites, but not my Ubooquity server.
Under review
Like Paul Marvel said, some browsers have a user triggered fullscreen mode that will work with Ubooquity as with any other website.

But I suppose you are thinking of this kind of fullscreen. Harder to achieve. I'll consider it when I work on revamping the online comic reader.