Frank Denner 6 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 9
Is possible to have for admin who is connect who have read

thx for all
Under review
You can see these information in the log file.
Look for lines like:
20140726 18:10:46 [pool-2-thread-6] INFO  com.ubooquity.a - User successfuly logged in. [login:Tom][ip:]

to know when a user logs on, and

20140812 19:57:34 [pool-2-thread-5] INFO  com.ubooquity.f.d - Served file to Tom in 21 sec: Deadpool 014 

to know when a user downloads a file.
yes but i say one option in ubooquity server like who connect now and who see or download and a possible to stop download if download too in one day
Ok, I understand. You are talking about a real-time user activity monitoring, with quota management.
Although technically possible, it is beyond the scope of this project (a simple content sharing server), so it won"t be implemented.
How about just displaying something simple like the last 5 users and what they read or downloaded, with the option to turn it on or off, without digging through the logs? Maybe it only polls that data when someone logs on so no need for real time monitor, it's just displaying the data that's already been collected anyway?
I still think you can already extract this information from the log file quite easily.
For me its a matter of prioritization, I already have a lot of improvements to do on Ubooquity (just take a look at the threads of this forum, some items have been planned for more than 6 months) and user activity tracking is quite peripheral to its main purpose.

Surely there is something that already exists that can read a log file and pull out the keywords, on the fly.

Yes: grep and awk for instance.