Database - download it to use it in another situation

christophe B 5 years ago updated by Elouan 3 years ago 7


is it possible to access the database of the comic ? if yes how ?

i want to use it

first to have a list of files (so a list of my collection) in excel



Yes, you can connect to the database using external tools like Squirrel SQL.

But the simplest way is to use the web client provided by the H2 database itself.

Extract the H2 jar from the Ubooquity.jar file (using any archive management tool, the jar is just a renamed zip file).

Now double clic on it, it should launch the H2 server (a yellow icon in your system tray) and a client in your browser.

You need to provide a JDBC URL pointing to the database file.

For instance if your database file is called "ubooquity-4.h2.db" and is located in


the URL should be


(note the double backslashes and the absence of ".h2.db" extension)

Keep the default username and password (sa and empty) and connect.

thanks for your answer, i ll try this

Did you have anychance with the database? I can't quite figure out how it's working

Any specific issue with the procedure I described ?


I've tried it: I've downloaded the H2 software, connected to the database using command like


it all looks ok but then I just don't see any table, any records that I can exploit: were is all the data stored ?

If you don't see any table, the path must be wrong.

When entering a connection string to a file that does not exist, H2 will simply create it, without any table.

(so you must have a new, empty, ubooquity-4.h2.db file created somewhere)

Ok, I finally tested this again and am finally able to see the content

Your explanation were correct: I didn't pay enough attention to this remark

(note the double backslashes and the absence of ".h2.db" extension)

this and the fact that h2 opens an empty database instead of telling me there is nothing got me confused